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Donations to the SAVE African Rhino Foundation are used almost entirely for the purchase of equipment, motor vehicles, spare parts, fuel, etc, for use in the field in Southern Africa, primarily in Zimbabwe, for actions supported by the foundation.

Over the past 28 years, we have donated masses of vital anti poaching supplies, including 21 4wd trucks and spares, 16 motorbikes, 14 outboard motors, 10 rebuilt engines, 15 tons of used field kit (boots, packs, overalls, tents), 200 gps, 300 two way radios and batteries, veterinary supplies, helicopter hire, satellite communications, 60 cameras and 150 camera traps, expert field training and logistical personnel support, and masses of other stuff.


All administrative expenses and all travel to the field by committee members are paid for or donated by the committee members.  There are no salaried staff at the SAVE African Rhino Foundation – all our time is donated.

Donations made in Australia are tax-deductible. 

Please make your secure online donation by clicking below.  Your tax-deduction receipt will be sent to you immediately.  You also have the option of making a regular donation.

Your donation of:         (1 AUD ~ 0.70 USD ~ 0.50 GBP ~ 0.70 EUR)


Buys a set of hard-wearing outdoor clothing for National Park rangers or dedicated anti-poaching units (required on two-week anti-poaching patrols


Buys a pair of 10 x 25 binoculars for rhino ear-tag identification


Buys diesel fuel for a land-rover for a week of patrolling


Buys a GPS receiver used by anti-poaching units to pin-point their position for mapping, validation of patrolling path, or when calling for emergency back-up.


Buys a rhino radio transmitter implant, which is inserted in the rhino’s horn-stump for tracking after partial de-horning (which discourages poaching)


Buys a set of two off-road tyres for a patrolling vehicle, essential for traveling in National Parks.


Buys a radio transceiver and battery for use in tracking rhinos by National Parks staff and anti-poaching units.


Buys tranquilizer drugs, aircraft hire (for spotting), and ground support for darting a pair of rhinos in the annual de-horning and radio implant program supported by the SAVE FOUNDATION.

We acknowledge the support from our sponsors over the years